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  Benefits of ARC ePCR & Electronic Patient Care Reporting  
Save Time:
Billing lead time is significantly reduced by linking run data electronically in an instant. Once completed in the field, the run is linked to A/R Concepts, Inc. electronically which in turn can be billed out the same day. This is crucial for ensuring a consistent steady cash flow.
Using the administrator database makes locating or viewing past run reports quick and easy. The print function allows you to print a report that is professional looking and tailored towards State and Federal guidelines.
More Efficient PCR Documentation:
Hand writing information in a patient run report such as 'Origin', 'Destination' and 'Repeat Patient information' is repetitious, time consuming and tedious. This type of repetitious information is set up one time in the ARC ePCR and is accessed in the field via drop down menu.
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The ePCR is validation driven which helps guarantee key information is properly stored. Using this validation along with other checks and balances the system guides the medic to complete missing information before submitting to the administration database.
Much of the patient and trip information of the run report is used to auto populate other sections of the ePCR for things such as narratives or electronic PCS's.
Eliminate Storage Space:
Eliminate filling cabinet space needed to store paper PCR's. ARC ePCR is a 100% paperless run report system using computer storage and record keeping. Also, a redundant back-up of records are kept on A/R Concepts, Inc web server as an added safety measure for off site storage. The local database can be restored by the off site web database.
Save Costs and Protect the Environment :
Electronic patient care reporting reduces paper & printing costs, wear on printers / scanners and postage associated with sending paper PCR's to your billing company. Using the ARC ePCR contributes towards a better environment for all!
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The National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) is a certifying organization that offers technical assistance on the implementation and tracking of National EMS data. AR Concepts is a "NEMSIS v3" Certified Partner and is proud to offer compliant solutions to many leaders in the EMS field.
A/R Concepts, Inc BBB Business Review
A/R Concepts, Inc. takes pride in our reputation of providing quality service to our clients, fair treatment of past due account holders and being a true partner to our EMS providers since our company's inception in 2004. Our Better Business Bureau A+ rating is something we are proud to share.
The ARC ePCR Suite is a state-of-the-art, user friendly web based system designed for accurate and efficient field data entry. The application is Trauma Registry Compliant & enables patient trauma information to be retrieved from the ePCR software in NEMSIS v3 format.